Nagambie bowls club played in the Central bowling association in 1908 and won the pennant flag, they also won the Victorian Bowling association Country club flag in the same season.  It is believed this is their first year of bowling.

They then moved to the Waranga Bowling Association where they took many premiership flags home.

NBC was first known as Nagambie bowling club but changed to Bowls club when they became an incorporation.

The bowls club green was originally in the middle of the main street situated right near the  present Water tower. The first president known was in 1913 D. Davies and the club champion was L. Caelli.  Unfortunately information about the men’s early history of the club has been destroyed so all we know is what is on the honor boards that are on display in the club house.

Fortunately the ladies section still has their very first meeting minutes and everyone since stored in the club so there history began in 1956 when they became affiliated associates of the NBC.  The ladies first elected President was Gwen McFadyen and Secretary Sylvia Brook. Both have passed away now Gwen in 1982 and Sylvia in 1995.

The ladies were asked to play with the men in high street where the green was in their first year but the following year the Bowling club moved to Marie street as land was donated by Mr. Glass that was to be used for sporting facilities for the local community. This is where the Bowling club, Croquet club and Tennis club are situated.  Pennant was played there in 1957 in March on what was known as the club house green and now know as the Debbie Pianta Memorial Green.

There were 50 members of the club from Nagambie and surrounding towns, Membership fee was 2pound 2 shillings and the members paid 6 pence for afternoon tea. In 1958 the NBC logo was designed by Swan and Hudson.

The ladies first champion was Hannah Jones and the ladies held their first tournament in 1958 that was visited by VLBA (Victorian ladies Bowling Association) President Mrs. Middleton and Secretary             Mrs. Williams. 

In 1976 the Perry Green was planted and names after Bert Perry who was a member and one of the workers for the club.

The club was renovated in 1991 to make the kitchen larger and move the toilets to where they are now.  In 1997 the club purchased a 21 seat bus for all members to use to travel to pennant games and social events.

The club celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2008 and the ladies celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2006.

NBC received a large donation from the Pianta girls, Kathy, Maria and Loretta from their sister’s estate after she passed away after a horrible car accident. This was a $100,000 donation that was put towards the installation of our new synthetic carpet bowling green. The remainder of the necessary monies was gained through grants and fundraising.  In December 2009 the installation was completed and was opened in January 2010 and renamed as the Debbie Pianta Memorial Green.

In the 2013-14 season all our teams made the finals, our midweek made the elimination final but unfortunatley got knocked out, our division 5 team also made the elimination final but was unlucky with the result and also got knocked out.
Our division 2 team made the Grand Final and went down by 33 shots to heavyweight team Shepparton Park but due to changed rules, our division 2 team got promoted to Division 1 and it is the first time Nagambie Bowls Club has had a team in Division 1 since being involved in the Goulburn Valley Division.